Hiring A Plumber, When Is It The Right Time?

frustrated homeowner holding a plunger and on the phone with a plumberPlumbing problems happen on a regular basis. Whether you are a homeowner or simply renting an apartment or property there are some issues that you must call a plumber to have solved. Other times you can simply handle the problem. Deciding when it is time to call a plumber versus when you should try to solve the problem yourself can be a difficult task. We had a chance to speak with a plumber from www.absolutedp.com that gave us the inside scoop on when you should call a professional, or when it’s likely you can tackle the problem yourself.

Clogged Toilet

Most people may know this, but for those who do not, a clogged toilet is usually a task that you can handle all by yourself. This is especially the case if the problem is related to a bowl movement. Look for the iconic flange plunger, insert it into the toilet, and carefully press down and pull up on the plunger. This motion forces water to move back and forth within he toilet drain and will usually clear the blockage.

However, inappropriate items being inserted into the toilet can also cause toilet obstructions. In such a case, it is a good idea to call a professional rather than try to solve the problem yourself. It may simply be too much for an amateur to handle.

Dishwasher Installation

Installing a dishwasher may seem simple. On the contrary, to properly and effectively install a dishwasher requires a knowledgeable and experienced plumber. While many YouTube videos exist explaining the process, but our plumbing friends told us, that incorrect plumbing installation can be a major problem. Leaks and broken pipes can result. In the worst of cases, this problem can easily lead to water damage.

Do this work yourself if you used to be a plumber or are extremely experienced working with plumbing and comfortable with all aspects of the work. Otherwise, always call a professional plumber to install your dishwasher.

Flood Prevention

Flood prevention measures are extremely critical to preventing costly and major damage to a property. This area may be of more concern to homeowners rather than renters. This area includes such items as a backwater valve, sump pump, foundation repair, and basement waterproofing. These are complex systems that require precise installation, and regular maintenance, failure of any one of these systems can lead to an expensive, stressful catastrophe.

In nearly all these cases, an experienced, knowledgeable plumbing contractor should be called to handle the installation and continued annual inspections.